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At Minnesota Green we provide various services that include;  

  • Irrigation/Sprinkler systems and repairs
  • Do it yourself systems
  • Soft Landscaping and Groundscaping
  • Snow removal and salt applications


How Exactly Does An Irrigation System Work?

A typical in-ground sprinkler system delivers water via a network of underground pipes to all areas of a lawn. It consists of multiple control valves, each of which can either stop or start the flow of water to an area of lawn, or zone. Each zone consists of several sprinkler heads attached to buried pipes by risers (short vertical pipes) that are arranged to provide uniform water coverage to the grass in that area. Systems are divided into zones because household water pressure is capable of supplying only a limited number of sprinklers at one time.

There are two types of in-ground irrigation systems, manual and automatic. Minnesota Green uses a fully automated in-ground system that will include a programmable controller that allows you to schedule when and where various portions of your lawn will be watered. A signal from the controller activates a small servo-motor that opens or closes each control valve at the programmed time. Some automatic systems are equipped with rain sensors that override the controller program and prevent the system from turning on during rainy weather preventing the homeowner from unruly fines due to municipal water regulations.


Why Does MN Green only use Hunter Products?

The days of Hunter being “just a rotor company” are long gone. Today, more and more irrigation professionals have discovered that for top quality residential systems, all you need is one brand to ensure that you’re installing the best products possible. That brand is Hunter.

For controllers, valves, and sprays, as well as accessories like weather sensors and remote controls—and, of course, rotors—Hunter offers a line-up of products with the durability, performance, reliability, and quality that you have come to expect from the Hunter name.

Why settle for second best when you can have the sprinkler by which everything else is measured?

With its patented features and Hunter’s years of experience in gear-driven technology, it’s no wonder the often imitated, but never duplicated PGP remains the professional’s choice.

Look at virtually any rotary sprinkler from any irrigation manufacturer. You’ll see features that were originally created by Hunter and were first included on the PGP. Interchangeable nozzles, a full 4-inch pop-up stroke, the industry’s strongest retraction spring, quiet and reliable gear-driven design, “from-the-top” and “wet or dry” adjustment…all Hunter firsts.

But even as more and more companies attempt to copy these and other innovations that Hunter created, loyal Hunter customers—both big and small—continue to stick with the PGP. And it’s no surprise why, since the PGP boasts the industry’s lowest rate of callbacks for installers.

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